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Hostal del Coll is a place to rest. Where, being at peace with oneself is our main objective. Do not rush. You don’t need to do anything, just let the time pass; let it pass on the forests, the natural viewpoints and the nature that welcomes us, as it was years ago. Time when these lands were watched by bandits, like Joan de Serrallonga.

We just want to share this place and this way of life with you. The Guilleries, full of flora and fauna, will also appreciate you. Not everyone is prepared for this experience, this does not make us better or worse, different. We are many and not everyone looks for the same in the same way. Here, we welcome those who value peace, tranquility and let time pass slowly.

We do not organize holidays for anyone, but we help in what is required in the margin of information that we can offer. If the occasion is presented, we will also accompany you to discover the corners that do not appear on the maps or they are indicated, basically areas without population… And to continue, we just ask you not to load your locations on the Internet, because we want to keep the environment as it is now and not transform it into a space of agglomerations. We want to promote loneliness (for anyone who wants it), the search for peace and respect for others and above all for nature.

Mention that in summer these spaces have access to the pool. A different kind of pool totally integrated in the environment.

If you want to make a trip, we will accompany you! If you only want directions, we’ll let you know.

We are here for you and share the space and time that you have, if you want.