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Susqueda (La Selva, Girona) is a very singular town since it has no core: the latter rests under the water of the reservoir ever since it was built.

The town is formed by three neighbourhoods, which stand out because of the nice views to the Guilleries, Collsacabra, the Susqueda reservoir and many other extraordinary places.

The experiences you can live in the area are unique, among them riding bikes, walking or simply resting without encountering anyone for hours on end, only with the company of the birds and other authentic inhabitants of Susqueda: squirrels, foxes, eagles, wild boars, deers, hedgehog and badgers.

All the places in which you can stay are in a superb location if you want to visit the area by car, by bike or on food. You can also relax in the midst of the Guilleries and do sports such as mountain biking, fishing or trekking. It is 40 minutes away from Olot and its volcanoes and 45 minutes away from Girona by car.