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Activities at the Coll

Some of the activities you can do in the Coll and surroundings:

  • Visit the fountain of Rector

  • Visit the Fountain of Passarells

  • Climb up the top of Sant Benet, the second highest mountain of Les Guilleries (1,141m).

  • Climb to Sant Gregori, where you will find a chapel from the 17th century. The hill is at 1,094 meters above sea level.

  • Climb to Sant Miquel de Solterra. The highest hill of all the Guilleries at 1,201 meters altitude. There you will find the ruins of the old castle and the old hermit.

  • Visit el pantà de Susuqeda with an impressive oval shape. If you are fond of fishing, it is time to take advantage of the occasion.

  • Enjoy the remains of the old Castle of Fornils and El Molí del Roure going to Sant Martí Sacalm.

  • Go to Sant Martí Sacalm, and if you want, climb el Far at 1.110 meters altitude, where there is the Sanctuary on the top.

  • Visit the Pairal del Sobirà house, a huge farmhouse and picturesque place.

  • Visit the remains of the house where the famous Serrallonga brigand lived, as well as the forest of it, about 700m above the swamp of Susqueda.

  • Visit St. Joan de Fàbregues and Salt de Sallent.

  • Go to the Far by Camí Ral.

  • Route BTT

  • Go down to Osor along el Camí Ral.

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